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Pixlr Express ReUpdate!

Pixlr Express ReUpdate!
Not to go into too many details here but we have an overall strategy with our editing products, one can say; Simple, Effective and Advanced. This then corresponds to our current offering of Pixlr-o-matic, Pixlr Express and Pixlr Editor.

We get tons of requests of adding more features, sliders, knobs and choices in Pixlr-o-matic but if we did that the reason why o-matic is such a awesome product would go away, it would be too hard to understand and to many settings. So o-matic works very well for novice users and people who want to play with an image once in a while. For more active users and those who want more control over the effects as well as adjustments, touchups, texts, stickers we have the new Express (http://pixlr.com/express/).

The concept of a single strip of items is good in o-matic but in express we really want to surface all the awesome content we actually have and are constantly adding more to. This is where the changes we just released come into play. When you now click one of the tabs you see all the different packs in that section (instead of only the default pack). When you click a pack you get a additional setting for selecting between all the items in that pack.

If there are more items then fits into your screen size you can scroll the content with the arrows in the top left corner or just drag/flick the strip with your mouse.

When you want to try an item you click on it and the strip goes away, it then load and apply the effect. A tip here is to click on the “pin” button in the top right corner to lock the strip from hiding, then you can click trough the list and try stuff out!

We also added buttons for shuffle and favorite, one click on the shuffle and we by random select one item in the pack, great if you don’t really know what you might want. By clicking on the favorite button you add the current item to your favorite list.

As soon as you have any item as a favorite there will be an extra pack in the menu called favorites for quick access to your selected items.
Express is new and will be updated on a daily basis for the next month, more content, fonts and touch-ups to look out for!

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